17 Helpful Tricks To Beat Boredom Snacking - Health Digest
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17 Helpful Tricks To Beat Boredom Snacking – Health Digest


Being intentional about what you eat can really make a difference, as it means you’re more likely to savor each bite. Eating without thought, by contrast, might cause you to eat too fast, without much thought for the food’s taste or texture.

Yet those factors can bring joy to your day! You don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate the little details that make your meals special, and learning how to appreciate your food can help you snack more intelligently, too. Nutritionist Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD, explains to Women’s Health, “If you eat something mindlessly, you likely don’t take the time to taste and appreciate it, which means that you’ll be less satisfied. So, even if you are physically full, the lack of satisfaction means you’ll be more likely to seek out more food.”

Take your time putting together snacks. Make something in the kitchen and become familiar with the smells, colors, and textures. Then chew slowly, enjoying every flavor and texture you experience as you eat.


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