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Do This With Your Elbows For A Better Poop – Health Digest


If you live in the United States, toilet design is standard. However, research published in the Journal of Education and Health Promotion states that the design of toilets is not optimal for the complete evacuation of stool from the bowels. Per the study, the best position for pooping is the squat position. Currently, conventional toilets have your legs at a 90-degree angle when using the toilet. Therefore, Medical News Today suggests using a footstool to help raise your knees higher than the hips to get the squat position.

Additionally, Cochrane UK noted you need to be leaning forward on the elbows to help reduce the need to strain. Your elbows should also be rested on your knees, getting more into a squat. This position helps to relax the puborectalis muscle and anal sphincter, which straightens out the kink in the rectum and allows things to open. Your poo can more naturally pass through without the need to grunt or push.

Medical News Today notes that using the restroom when the urge strikes is best. While you can delay the natural release of waste from the body, this can cause it to stagnate in the intestines, leading to complications. Moreover, creating regular pooping times can get your body into a natural rhythm.


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