How Deadly Is Prostate Cancer? - Health Digest
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How Deadly Is Prostate Cancer? – Health Digest


With treatment, individuals diagnosed with stages 1 through 3 of prostate cancer will likely be in complete remission within five years, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. During this five-year period, the odds of survival are about the equivalent of that of a man who does not have prostate cancer. The relative survival rate for prostate cancer patients after 10 years from diagnosis drops only to 98%. Fifteen years following diagnosis, the relative survival rate stands at 95%. For those with stage 4 prostate cancer, the odds of survival over five years fall to 28%.

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests are used for the early detection of prostate cancer (per CDC). By measuring the amount of PSA in one’s blood, it can help doctors determine whether a patient may be at risk of prostate cancer. While not advised by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, digital rectal examinations (DRE) are also sometimes implemented by physicians to help detect prostate abnormalities. Men between the ages of 55 to 69 are encouraged to consult with their healthcare provider about whether a PSA test is recommended depending on their prostate cancer risk level (via CDC).


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