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Types Of Cancer Your Eyes Can Help Diagnose – Health Digest


Our eyes may also help diagnose certain types of blood cancers, specifically lymphoma and leukemia (via American Academy of Ophthalmology). Lymphoma is characterized by cancerous growth within the white blood cells. When this occurs in the cells of the retina, it’s known as primary intraocular lymphoma (PIOL), explains Columbia University Irving Medical Center. In 80% of cases, the disease affects both eyes, and symptoms may include blurred vision, floaters in one’s line of sight, swelling, or sensitivity to light. An eye exam and a biopsy of the cells inside the eye fluid can confirm a diagnosis.

Our eyes may also issue early warning signs of leukemia. In a 2020 study in Pakistan published in the scientific journal Cureus, researchers found that out of nearly 100 people diagnosed with leukemia, over 50 detections of eye-related symptoms were observed in approximately half the patients. Among the more common symptoms were impaired vision and redness. Symptoms were more often seen in patients newly diagnosed with leukemia. Based on these findings, the researchers concluded that the eyes may aid in early cancer detection efforts.


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