Let This Popular Fruit Ripen To Help You Poop Instantly - Health Digest
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Let This Popular Fruit Ripen To Help You Poop Instantly – Health Digest


When you’re holding in poop (not by conscious choice, of course), you may not consider the color or ripeness of this popular fruit sitting on your dining table. But experts advise you to. 

The idea is that bananas, native to Southeast Asia, go through different stages of ripeness, and this results in changes in both their color (which you can see) and nutrient profile (which you can’t see but can feel, hence the poop benefit). Ripe bananas are what are most recommended if you’re looking for a laxative benefit. The fully green ones, or ones with green ends, aren’t. As explained by Cleveland Clinic gastroenterologist Dr. Christine Lee (via Everyday Health), “Bananas, when fully ripe, contain soluble fiber and thus can help treat constipation. However, unripe, or green, bananas have high levels of resistant starch, which can be very binding and cause constipation.” 

The yellow and ripe kind also contain good amounts of sugar, which also help ease things along when you’re stuck. However, the sugar content in ripe bananas can be potentially upsetting for those on a low-FODMAP diet. Ripe bananas are considered a high-FODMAP food, which means they could result in bloating, gas, digestive discomfort, and stomach pain in people who have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other digestive conditions. Going back to green (or unripe) bananas, should you avoid them entirely? Not exactly. 


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