Vitamin Deficiencies You Might Have If You’re Following The Carnivore Diet – Health Digest

[ad_1] If your diet doesn’t get at least 10 milligrams of vitamin C every day, you could develop scurvy after a few weeks. Symptoms of scurvy include depression, anemia, fatigue, and inflammation. Your body needs vitamin C to make collagen…

This Vitamin Deficiency Can Have An Unexpected Effect On Your Sex Life – Health Digest

[ad_1] Low sex drive, in both men and women, has been linked with vitamin D deficiency.  In men, a boost in testosterone levels is positively correlated with good sex drive. In women, low estrogen levels are connected to low libido….

The Vitamin Deficiency That’s Making You Look Older – Health Digest

[ad_1] You know how older people tend to look thinner, have weaker grip strength, experience more exhaustion, and have low levels of activity, including slow walking speeds? There is some science to support the theory that not getting sufficient vitamin D could…

Sunscreen, redness & vitamin D – 12 surprising facts about the sun and your skin

[ad_1] Whether you’re off to Barbados or Brighton, here’s what you need to know to protect your skin with sunscreen and still get a glow about you this summer Whether you’re off to Barbados or Brighton, it’s sunny and you’ve…