How Menopause Might Affect Your Sex Drive, According To A Gynecologist - Health Digest
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How Menopause Might Affect Your Sex Drive, According To A Gynecologist – Health Digest


There are also things someone can do in their day-to-day life to help boost sexual desire. “Lifestyle changes including stress reduction techniques, regular exercise, and getting quality sleep can improve fatigue and mood which, in turn, can increase feelings of well-being and sexual interest,” Dr. Weber shares. “It’s important to communicate with one’s partner about any sexual needs and consider carving out dedicated time for intimacy,” she goes on to suggest. “Many women find they don’t think about having sex, but with some quality time and sensual touch, they can be aroused and become interested in sexual activity.” For some, this may include trying something new. “If a woman has been in the same relationship for a long time, sex can naturally become less exciting over time, so a couple may wish to bring novelty to their sexual relationship by incorporating different types of touch, sexual toys, or other pleasurable endeavors.”

“Aside from seeing her gynecologist to address menopausal symptoms, a woman may need to see a professional therapist to discuss any relationship issues, mental health concerns, or work through a history of trauma or abuse,” Dr. Weber points out. “A couple may find working with a sex therapist helpful, especially if one partner’s libido or other sexual concern is affecting the relationship. Many women worry that their lack of sexual interest will anger or hurt their partner, [or that] that her partner may wish to leave the relationship or seek out a new sexual partner.” Professional assistance can help a couple address these concerns head-on.


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