Turning dreams into reality: a step-by-step guide to manifesting what you want in 2024 
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Turning dreams into reality: a step-by-step guide to manifesting what you want in 2024 


Can you really turn your dreams into reality? Holistic health & wellbeing practitioner Nicci Roscoe says you can. Here is her step by step guide to manifesting what you want in 2024

Manifesting is an exciting and powerful process that helps you receive what you really want by focusing your intent on it and making it happen.  

There are different ways to help you manifest and send out positive messages to the universe when you are ready to receive, after you release all that doesn’t serve you.

You will then be able to clear your mind, body, and spirit of any blockages and become open to the many wonderful possibilities of manifesting.  

If you procrastinate and aren’t sure what you want, the universe will keep giving you things you’re not sure of. Once you know what you are wishing for, stay focused on it. It’s important to focus on one thing at a time. Maybe it’s happiness, abundance, love and romance, or a new job.

Once you know what you are wishing for, stay focused on it

Or perhaps there are other areas in your life that you crave to change. This may take time as you slowly work through this beautiful process of releasing, renewing, and receiving.

Believing in yourself, trusting in the process, and releasing negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that don’t serve you will give you so much more peace, calm, and confidence. Once you are in this place of openness, belief, and trust you are ready to Manifest.  

It is also important to remember, what you manifest may not happen in the next day, month, year, or longer; it will happen if you believe, and it is right for you. Be patient, trust the universe has heard you, and never give up hope. 

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Manifesting is a powerful process and here’s my 3-step guide to effectively manifesting what you want, in 2024 and beyond: 

Step 1: Letting Go 

The journey of manifesting starts with letting go. You need to say goodbye to what’s been holding you back as you begin a journey to love yourself and manifest your everything.

The good news is that you can achieve anything you want to and manifest your everything if you really want it and focus on it —including feeling confident, finding the best possible relationship or job, or whatever it is you’re wishing for, whenever you are ready. 

This process needs to begin by learning to love yourself and giving yourself permission to like yourself and accept that now is the time for positive change.

Acknowledging emotions that have prevented you from living the life you want will begin the process of releasing the blockages you’ve been holding onto. This doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that will take you on a special journey of releasing, renewing, and receiving to manifest what you now want in your life. 

Letting go of what doesn’t serve you physically, mentally, and spiritually can be so freeing

Self-care and loving yourself again—or maybe for the first time—will help you begin releasing the blockages that have been holding you back. It’s important to listen to your intuition and what your mind and body are telling you.

Letting go of what doesn’t serve you physically, mentally, and spiritually can be so freeing. Holding onto feelings of frustration, sadness, and grief can be overwhelming and bring up all kinds of negative emotions that you need to let go of.  

STOP resisting giving yourself the care and love you need. No one else can take action to make these changes for you. It’s your responsibility to choose what you do and when you do it. 

STOP playing the blame game and thinking everything’s your fault. Repeat to yourself eight times every morning, lunchtime, and evening: ‘It’s not my fault.’

START forgiving those who have hurt you. Forgiveness can open pathways toward feeling happy and peaceful, and to opening your heart to new beginnings. 

START looking at what you have achieved and giving yourself the respect that you deserve. 

Letting go is perhaps one of the most powerful parts of your manifesting journey. In my book, Manifest your Everything, there are several exercises and rituals which can help you to release the blockages which are holding you back, helping you to learn how to create mental space, forgive, and release inner turmoil through meditation. 

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Step 2: Giving Yourself Love 

When you have said goodbye to what doesn’t serve you, it’s time to start giving yourself love and taking care of your needs and wellbeing. When you’ve effectively let go, your outlook on everything can change as you begin to feel healthier and more confident and stronger from within—and ready to enjoy the life you want to create.

Listen to your heart, mind, and body when they’re telling you that they need to be nurtured and cared for. By tuning in to your intuition, you’ll know that it’s okay to say ‘No’ to what doesn’t serve you and ‘Yes’ to giving yourself what you need. This will open pathways that send the right messages to the universe and help raise your positive vibrations.

Your mind and body will feel more grounded, peaceful, and calm. Start taking some time to give yourself the love you deserve. Stop coming up with excuses as to why you can’t—and tell yourself that you can.  

Step 3: Manifest 

Once you are in this place of openness, belief, and trust you are ready to Manifest Your Everything using these powerful techniques: 

Making your own manifestation vision board is one of the most impactful, positive things you can do. By sticking words and images on a large board that represent the things you want to achieve, you can visualize what you want and focus on it every day. Your unconscious mind will then concentrate on positive outcomes.

Cut out pictures of your dream home, your perfect vacation, pet, or car! You may want to include pictures that represent finding love such as hearts and happy couples together. Or perhaps you have family and friends or work colleagues you want to include in your future vision.

You can stick anything you want on your manifestation board. Words are just as powerful as pictures to illustrate what you are hoping for. So, also include notes such as ‘Having fun with my family on a holiday,’ ‘Opening up my life to be more spiritual’, ‘Finding peace, calm, and happiness’, ‘Having good health’, ‘Being financially secure’, and ‘Finding my dream job.’ 

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What you tell yourself can have a profound effect on how you feel. Perhaps you are afraid to say goodbye to a past relationship? Or are you still upset and angry with a loved one, friend, or family member and not able to forgive them. The more you let go of negative thoughts and forgive, the more you will be able to give yourself what you need to build confidence and feel happier. 

To encourage positive self-talk, tell yourself positive affirmations, or to put it simply, empowering words that remind you regularly to change negative thoughts to positive ones. 

Examples include I believe in myself, I trust myself; I value myself and my feelings, I feel confident from within, and I trust my intuition.

Listening to your intuition can enable you to see, hear, and feel things more clearly. Once you are in touch with your emotions and feel contented within, you can begin to build more trusting relationships with the right people and your confidence and belief in yourself will thrive.  

Anchoring is an effective way of connecting a positive memory where you felt particularly happy, relaxed, or positive with a physical action. This enables you to bring the energy of the memory into the present moment to help you feel good.

Think of a time you felt happy and confident, visualize your surroundings and people you were with. Then, squeeze your thumb and forefinger together on one hand. Feel these good, confident feelings. Make them bigger, brighter, and bolder.

Meditation takes you to a place of peace, calm and clarity

See yourself feeling confident and empowered and imagine stepping into the moment and turn up the volume. Double this feeling, then triple it. Make it even bigger and brighter as you begin to smile and feel so much happier and good about yourself. Stay in this happy, confident place for about 30 seconds and keep repeating whenever you need to.  

Meditation takes you to a place of peace, calm and clarity. It can also help us to re-energise, and so much more. There are many ways to meditate including visualisation, listening to music or guided meditations.

‘Word meditation’ is something I developed after training with Deepak Chopra in the US many years ago. Focus on positive words such as ‘I feel calm, I feel peaceful, I’m in control’.

Repeat these words over and over again until they seem to fade as you go deeper into a beautiful meditation. Allow anything else that comes into your mind to flow out and keep coming back to these words.  

Put a timer on your phone or clock for 2 minutes and gradually build up to 5 minutes, 10 minutes and then 20 minutes. These positive words you keep repeating go deep into your subconscious mind and will help you to feel calmer and more in control of your emotions following your meditation.  

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Reframe Negative Thoughts and Choose Positive Ones. When you have been focusing on the negative it’s time to re- train your brain to start thinking positively and change the outcomes of your behaviour toward both yourself and how you come across to others.

If you tell yourself ‘I’m never going to change’ or ‘I’m stuck, and no one can help me’, then you’ll stay in this negative pattern. By constantly focusing on the negative you will also keep getting more negative things thrown at you.

Reframing these thoughts can start to give you a new outlook on how you deal with your life and challenging situations. You’ll notice how by focusing on the positive there will be exciting new outcomes instead of staying in the negative state that won’t give you what you need. Your new positive thoughts will enhance your life and give you a new perspective instead of thinking you’re not worthy and are not good at anything you do.

Reframing involves looking at your negative beliefs in a different way, from a positive perspective, and changing the words around to give a positive focus to what you are telling yourself. The more you practice reframing your thoughts, the more you can change your mindset to a positive one and start feeling happier and relieved from not constantly focusing on what hasn’t helped you mentally or physically.

Being grateful can open up all kinds of possibilities for you to receive what you are manifesting

Having a positive outlook will help to add time to your lifespan. Just by telling yourself ‘I’m looking forward to today’, ‘I feel strong and in control’ or ‘I feel calm, relaxed and happy’, you are re-training your brain to focus on positive outcomes and making the changes you want to enable you to manifest your dreams. 

Being grateful can open up all kinds of possibilities for you to receive what you are manifesting. It also gives you a sense of peace, calm, and hope. When you acknowledge that you are grateful for all you have, and have had, this raises your vibrations and increases your positive focus when you begin to manifest.  

Embrace crystals.  All crystals give you what you need emotionally, spiritually, and mentally through their unique energy and vibrations such as rose quartz if you’re looking for love or citrine abundance. Hold it when you are meditating and focus on what you are looking for, keep it by your bed at night or under your pillow.

NIcci photo sitting in floral top 0075_Option 2_1NIcci photo sitting in floral top 0075_Option 2_1Nicci Roscoe uses her life experiences to help you feel like you again and make positive changes in your life. Her personal experiences make her an empathetic and insightful catalyst of change to enable you to overcome challenges, stress, anxiety and pain physically and mentally. 

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