What Happens To Your Body If You Eat When You're Not Hungry - Health Digest
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What Happens To Your Body If You Eat When You’re Not Hungry – Health Digest


Strange as it may seem, the digestive process is mental as much as it is physical. According to Mindful Ways to Wellness, the minute you smell food, your body begins producing the enzymes and digestive juices it will need to eventually break it down. So, in order for you to digest your food properly, the brain itself needs to be in a relaxed state. The problem is that if you’re eating on the run or mindlessly snacking while stressed or distracted, the brain is thrown off, halting the digestion process. When that happens, whatever we’re eating sits in our stomach, leading to digestive discomfort. 

Bingham and Women’s Hospital notes that when we’re eating without thinking, snacking mindlessly, or eating when we’re not hungry, the digestive process is less effective by up to 40%. This decrease in effectiveness can result in gas and bloating, as well as bowel problems. When the body and brain aren’t aligned while we’re eating, the brain may not receive signals telling us that we’re full, which can lead to us eating until we feel sick. 


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