Turns Out We Have A Button To Stop Cramps Fast. Here's How To Find It - Health Digest
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Turns Out We Have A Button To Stop Cramps Fast. Here’s How To Find It – Health Digest


The practice of acupressure centers around the idea that energy obstructions within the body result in physical pain. Applying pressure to specific points on the body may help clear these obstructions and restore equilibrium to the flow of energy. Subsequently, physical pain is reduced, including pain associated with period cramps. “Self-acupressure is considered effective and helps to achieve a relative reduction in menstrual pain,” fertility expert Dr. Gauri Agarwal told HealthShots. However, Dr. Agarwal notes that acupressure isn’t a long-term solution to menstrual pain but may instead provide some immediate relief for a couple of hours. On the other hand (pun intended), some experts report that self-acupressure may offer progressively greater degrees of pain relief if practiced over several months, according to Endometriosis New Zealand.

The spot on your hand right between the thumb and the index finger is said to be linked to large-intestine relief. Using medium pressure, massage the area in a circular motion for 60 seconds on one hand before switching to the other. The pressure you apply should be enough so that the area may feel mildly sore afterwards, but not so much that it causes bruising.


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